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Tube and thread type selection
If you select the detail type, only the product type of that type is displayed.
• Clean Air, Pure Water, Connector with nut-fitted used in clean Air, Pure Water, chemical piping.
• Be able to use with variety depend on user's environment.
• Excellent in corrosion resistance, chemical resistance.
• Hava semipermanent life expectancy for the products made of plastic.
• Products are packed and assembled after being washed in clean room.
• Excellent in no-rash and non-polliting for the products used with material made of PP.
• Have excellent effect in serious a vibrating part and moving because tube joints forced to be tightened.
Fluid Water, Air, Oil, Liquid Chemical
Working Pressure Range 0~10kgf/cm2(0~980kPa) / 0~145psi
Temperature Range 0~80℃ / 32℉~176℉
Applicable Tube Material Polyurethane, Nylon, Teflon TUBE
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